The Krakken
Episode Information
Series Ben 10
Season 1
Number 3
Number in Series 3
Number Overall 3
Writer Duncan Rouleau & Will Fouracres
Air Date January 14, 2006
Next Episode Permanent Retirement
Previous Episode Washington B.C.
If you were looking for the creature, go to Krakken.

The Krakken is the third episode of Ben 10. 


After Max & Gwens Death Ben Takes Fuck Pills Where he humps the door Gwen Comes Bak As A Ghost Wth Max Max Tell Vilgax Abut the Shit Thats Happend Max Says Bens A Dick Vilgax Then Says Ben Can Die Along Wth His Stupid Watch Ben Then Goes Humping Stuff Max Tells Vilgax that he's being a bitch Vilgax Says He's Always One Vilgax Then Says Hes Got A Plan While ben as Stinkfly Is Raceing Thought The Drones Come And Capture Him

Major Events

Shit Happens


Omnitrix Alien Debuts





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