Team Ty is a team with a bunch of piklish characters run by a average person named Ty. There main goal is to do whatever they can (and they can't do shit) to make Team FТ think back at what he did.


It all started many years ago.... Ty was just a pikl minded boy who did nothing wrong until one day, he came across a shiny pokemon, that pokemon was Poliwag, Ty threw out Grovyle to weaken the Poliwag, and just as Ty was about to throw his Great Ball, a Ultra Ball came flying in and captured the Poliwag, a kid by the name of FT came in and picked up the ball and flew off on his Fearow.  thats cool

A few years later he recieved a Charizard from his father and made friends with a Pinsir. Then they all decided to find the best heroes in the world to assemble an amazing team that would do whatever they could to get revenge on FT. It wasn't till months later that FT started creating his own team of Pokemon.


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