Team FT is led by the Pokemon trainer FT and consists of Pokemon, aliens, superheroes and more characters who are led by FT and their main goal is to win the battle tournament.

File:Scizor R.png


After learning about the Pokemon trainers, the league and everything else, FT's dream was to become one himself, but due to his poor home conditions he couldn't leave and make his dream come true. But when everyone went out to become Pokemon trainers, FT ran away from home to make his dream come true, but he got lost, and a storm came by, he had nowhere to go, but then, a Scyther came to his rescue and helped him survive the storm. Then Scyther joined FT's team as his first Pokemon that later on FT's journey evolved into a Scizor, and today, he is still his most loyal аnd his strongest Pokemon.

FT's Pokemon

File:Official Punk Edit Final2.png

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