Rojo UA

Rojo in Ultimate Alien


Rojo under Vilgaxs control


Rojo in alien tech armor

Rojo is a a villain that is p


first introduced in The Alliance.


She wears a gang uniform with spikes on the shoulder pads. She has spiky red hair and piercing all over her..


She is always carrying some type of weapons and alien tech. 

Ben 10

She first appears in The Alliance where she sends Grandpa Max to the hospital, but after her gang ditches her one of Vilgax's Drones merges with her body making her see Vilgax. Once she decides to obey his orders, she goes after the Omnitrix but is eventually defeated by Upgrade, but is saved from Vilgax and gets the robotic parts removed from her. She is then sent to jail.


Ben 10

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