Dude its pyros


Pyros is the fiery home of pyronites, Heatblast's species. It is not a planet, but a star.

Star information

Although most of ben's alien's species originate from planets, heatblast's comes from a star. Despite pyros being a star, it is quite cold for a star, being cool enough to have some landmasses, which would be vaporized on a normal star. Pyros is still too hot for most lifeforms to survive on it, except for the species native to pyros such as pyronites and their predatory species. The stars inhabitants have a nearly limitless source of energy.


  • Crabdozers


  • there are rivers of lava, volcanos and geysers of fire all over pyros.
  • Pyros was at war with piscciss at some point in time.