Primeape is a Fighting type Pokemon.

Primeape is a monkey Pokemon.  It has messy white fur that covers its round body which also has arms and legs that are brown in colour. Around its wrists and ankles there are metal shackles. It also has some sort of stress mark on the left of its forehead.

He evolves from Mankey.

Always furious and tenacious to boot. It will not abandon chasing its quarry until it is caught. It stops being angry only when nobody else is around. To view this moment is very difficult. If approached while asleep, it may awaken and angrily give chase in a groggy state of semi-sleep. It becomes wildly furious if it even senses someone looking at it. It chases anyone that meets its glare. It will beat up anyone who makes it mad, even if it has to chase them until the end of the world. When it becomes furious, its blood circulation becomes more robust, and its muscles are made stronger. But it also becomes much less intelligent. 

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