Vilgax holding the Petropia back-up crystal.

The Petropia Back-up Crystal is a artifact from Petropia and is known by its inhabitants for its immense, nearly limitless power.


The Petropia back-up crystal was originally thought to simply be a powerful energy source, but it turns out that it is a genetic back-up for every single Petrosapien since the beginning of time. It stores the DNA and memories of every single Petrosapien. It was stolen by Tetrax who handed it over to vilgax who used it to destroy Petropia and everyone living there. In "The secret of Chromastone", Sugilite uses it to restore Petropia and all of its inhabitants.


  • When Tetrax gave it to Vilgax, neither Tetrax or Vilgax knew the true purpose of this sacred crystal.

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