Mutant Tyrannosaurus
Vital statistics
Species Tyrannosaurus Rex
Homeworld Earth
Powers Enhanced strength
Powerful bite
Body Type Dinosaur
Voice N/A
First Appearance Washington B.C.
The Mutant T-Rex is a Tyrannosaurus resurrected and mutated by Dr. Animo.


It looks like a normal T-rex with green skin, red eyes, and exposed bones.


The T-Rex does not have any special powers as a result of his mutation, but like a normal T-Rex, he is extremely strong and has a powerful jaw.

Ben 10

In Washington B.C., Dr. Animo found the T-Rex's bones when he went to the Museum of Natural History. Once he brought it to life using his Transmodulator, it did whatever Animo commanded. Animo used it as a mount to get to Dr. Kelly, but once he got there, the T-Rex tried to eat him. However, Stinkfly came in and saved Kelly. When the Transmodulator was destroyed, the T-Rex returned to bones.