Frightwig is one of the members of the Circus Freak Trio, and makes her first appearance in Last Laugh.


Like the other members of the Circus Freak Trio, she wears an all black outfit with yellow stripes on the arms. She has white and red face paint on and she has extremly long red hair with black balls on the end of each strand of hair.


She is able to control her hair  and stretch and swing it around to different lengths. Each strand of hair has a hard ball on the end making her hair stronger so she can attack anyone. She can use her hair to wrap up different objects but she is also seen to beable to get tangled up in her own hair.

Ben 10

She first appears in Last Laugh where she and the other Circus Freaks are working for Zombozo. She is introduced as Frightwig when she shows the crowd that she cna use her hair to swing around a pipe. Later she is seen robbing a store but is attacked by Wildmutt. After she is defeated she is saved by Zombozo who ends up defeating Wildmutt himself. Later she helps the circus freaks guard Zombozo's circus, however Upgrade who has merged with a baseball machine, appears and defeats Frightwig.