Vital statistics
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers Sword


Body Type Humanoid
Voice Richard Doyle
First Appearance A Small Problem
Enoch is one of the leaders of the Forever Knights organization. 


Enoch has a solid yellow mask covering his face. Over the rest of his head is a grey hood with a black crown on top. His arms and legs are covered in grey and black armour with spikey shoulder pads. he wears a red surcoat with a Forever Knights symbol on the chest.
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Ben 10

He first appears in A Small Problem where he is called by Howell Wayneright about an alien that he found who happens to be Ben as Grey Matter. Enoch bring Grey Matter and Howell into his castle and has his scientists dissect Grey Matter while he kicks Howell out. He then finds out that Howell freed Grey Matter and that they are on the run. Enoch and a few other Forever Knights then trap the group in a small room with alien tech inside. When he finds out their is a bomb, he and the other Forever Knights escape the castle before it explodes. In the end, he asks his Forever Knights to find out everything they can about Ben, Gwen, and Max Tennyson.its confirmed that enoch is dead in OV