Arburian pelarota

Arburian Pelarota's are a species of alien that come from the planet Arburia.


Arburian Pelarotas are large and round aliens with yellow armor plating on their shoulders, their forearms, their backs, and their hips. They are white with four sharp black claws on their fingers and three black claws on each foot.


Arburian Pelarotas have the unique ability to curl up into a ball like a armadillo and roll around. They have tough plating all over their bodies and sharp claws.


Arburian Pelarotas cannot escape physical laws and momentum which can sometimes lead to their undoing as they can have trouble stopping themselves once they begin rolling.

Notable Arburian Pelarotas


  • Although nearly the entire race was killed in "The big tick", it has been stated that there could be some remaining Arburian Pelarotas in the universe, albeit very rare.